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Karl Lange - Founder

SPI Founder and Industry Pioneer

38 Years ago, already a successful software entrepreneur in his own right, Karl attended a timeshare convention at the Miami Beach Convention Center. It was there SPI contracted to write a business software system for a timeshare developer. The rest is history, as they say.

Karl guides the company with a steady hand and emphasizes the importance of relationships and delivering value to customers. "It's a tough business and we are the developers friend, our job is to help them successfully manage all the details." Karl received a MBA degree from the Wharton School of Finance and is active in civic organizations including the Sierra Club.

Gordon McClendon - VP, Client Relationship Management

Team member since 2002

Gordon began his career as an actuary and holds a degree in mathematics.  

Prior to joining SPI, Gordon ran a major financial derivatives trading firm, with offices from New York to Tokyo, and was a founding board member of the after-hours trading system, Globex. He was in a leadership position at Chicago Mercantile Exchange for many years, having the distinction of being elected to the board by the highest vote total ever. 

Matt Brosious - Vice President , Sales

Team member since 2006

​Matt has been ​actively engaged in business solution software since the early 80’s. He developed online banking user interfaces for CitiCorp and Chase​ and later built AIMS, an ERP software company​ that achieved national prominence ​with ​e-commerce venture, Digibid, which ​was ​acquired ​by Kolhberg, Kravis and Roberts​ (KKR)​. 


In his 13 years at SPI, Matt ​has leveraged his experience to build successful, long-term partnerships with resort developers, operators and management companies.  Matt's extensive background ​is an integral part of the on-going development of ​​SPI ​Software's ​​product family that includes the​ ​SPI Orange Series Platform​, integral on-line services​ and strategic integrations​.

Michael Del Pino - VP of Software Development

Team member starting 2006

Michael is the Vice President of Software Development for SPI and has extensive experience in software development and the timeshare industry. As the head of engineering, Michael focuses on building new products and improving existing products.


He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Florida International University. Previously, Michael served as the Lead Software Engineer for SPI Software, and while on that role he was involved in most of the software customizations and implementations for current clients. Michael is passionate about technology and collaboration among teams.

Alejandro Gata - VP, Customer Service & Sales Support

Team member since 1997

Alex is a software professional who lives and breathes timeshare. Over his twenty years with the company, Alex has put together an encyclopedic understanding of all aspects of timeshare business operations. 

Prior to serving as customer service manager, Alex was a senior implementation specialist at SPI, in which capacity, he managed software implementation projects for many timeshare companies.

Kyle Oliver - VP of Business Analysis and System Implementation

Team member since 2006

Kyle is the Director of Systems Analysis and System Implementations for SPI and has extensive experience in timeshare business IT, Help Desk operations and project management.  Previously, Kyle served as a Business Consultant for Interval Software Services, the software division of Interval International.  She has 7 years of experience in the timeshare industry, with previous experience in the scientific field.


Kyle is responsible for system setup, conducting user training, providing quality assurance testing and analysis, and writing business requirements and functional specification documentation at SPI.   She is proficient in advanced computer skills and testing methods and has considerable project management experience.


Kyle holds an MBA from the University of Miami with specializations in Computer Information Systems and Finance.

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